24 Hour Google Ban

11pm Saturday
It was while driving home tonight that I looked out from the car window and briefly appreciated the street lamps lighting up the side of the road. There then followed an inexplicable urge to Google what time said lamps went on and off. This sort of thing happens all the time and I decided a Google ban was in order. I use Google about 150 times a day to find out things I don't need to know and consequently spend far too much time on my phone.

So the ban began.

The relatively short remainder of Saturday was easy enough. I resisted only one urge: to find out if there is a way of distinguishing between a male and a female fox noise. With the ban still in its early stages, and sleep deprivation in a rather later stage, the Googling was surprisingly easy to resist.

10am Sunday
I woke up a couple of hours ago in a good mood, however, there were no new episodes of Parks and Recreation on catch-up TV and I have left the house ignorant as to whether this is due to the series ending or just a major programming fuck up. I have since spent ten minutes wondering if a new series will start soon while muttering about a stupid idea for a Google ban.

3pm Sunday
So far today I have resisted looking up:
How to spell subpoena.
Whether Abs from 5ive has a surname. (And if so what it is.)
What age a duckling becomes a duck.
What year the first Calvin and Hobbes comic was published.
Who wrote which song on Dark Side Of The Moon.
Which popstar first sported the infamous hairstyle 'curtains'.
Whether there is any evidence to suggest that the increase in anger toward televised pop contests is directly related to the demise of aforementioned hairstyle 'curtains'.

I cannot tell you how much it is killing me to not know this stuff.

4pm Sunday
I have just been into Foyles to find out who finished third in the Tour de France 2007 so I could accurately picture the podium in my head. It was too much. I have a weird kind of control, it is not control.

11pm Sunday
It's over. I wouldn't recommend a Google ban. I don't feel like a better human being. If anything I feel like a worse one. Anyway, thank goodness it has been 24 hours already because I really want to know what Gareth Gates is up to these days.

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