Summer Wear

Without getting too technical can I suggest the £1 variety? I have a collection of £100+ sunglasses that, being spread about poolsides, portaloos, and bars, have become of little use. Cheap ones will suffice and among all your deserved karma you will never loose them. Even if you try.

These are good, however, there was a slight misunderstanding last year when people (mainly girls) took 'short-shorts' to mean 'shorts that do not cover your ass'. It was as terrifying as it was mesmerising and I am not comfortable with the latter.

These are like jumpers but with the sleeves cut off and so are perfect for Summer's heat. Lighter colours will keep you cooler which is perhaps more science than fashion. In extreme heat, soak your t-shirt in cold water and then put it back on. (Also science.)

The Guardian had a problem with ponchos recently which seemed to be that Melanie Phillips is selling them. However, with my problem of not quite making it to the end of the article, I cannot confirm this, nor should I have mentioned it.

Wear sandals. Wear them with socks if you want to look gross and cool.

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