Are you sitting comfortably? Are you all linked in? As well as a possible strapline for a future venture with a seatbelt and road safety company, that was a question to ascertain your involvement with social media networking site LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a website for people with jobs and people without jobs. Indeed it is a website for people. Not that I am entirely persuaded by puns, but, as with Whatsapp, the name is 99% of the reason I joined. (The other 1% was peer pressure and not wanting to be left out.) I hope whoever named it is now a million-billion-aire.

My friend *** has assured me LinkedIn is * ***** ******** ** **** but really useful for keeping contacts. And so here I am. I have joined LinkedIn. I actually joined in September 2012 according to some site stats that just appeared, but this weekend I decided to start using it PROPERLY.

Reminiscent of my initial sign up to MySpace, the nostalgia of choosing a password and photo before filling out personal details and listing my interests was unnerving. My interests have changed from bad nineties pop music, Rubik's cubes and Hanson, to 'I can't bring myself to fill this out' and Hanson, while my password has subtly morphed from ihearthanson to istillhearthanson. (Joke! My password is a monstrously un-guessable combination of letters, numbers, and a cunningly placed apostrophe.)

I'm not going to compare LinkedIn to Facebook, Google+ or Twitter because it's Sunday morning and oh yeah because I think they are all too different for any useful comparisons. Anyway, whatever you might think of LinkedIn, the volume control on my laptop has just started working after a 3 week hiatus and the fact that this has happened only roughly two and a half days after me signing up means I can only conclude LinkedIn is awesome.

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