How to Be a DJ have compiled a list of 'The Richest Electronic DJs In The World 2013'. Tiesto is No.1 with reported earnings of $75 million, Avicii's in the middle somewhere with $12 million and Morgan Page is at No.50 with earnings of $2 million. I thought the most productive thing we could do now is learn how to be a DJ.

1. Vinyl:
Insist on only ever playing vinyl. Buy tonnes of the stuff then drag heavy bags of records around with you because people who take USB sticks to gigs don't know anything about music and are kids.

2. Digital:
Take a photo of your record collection, put it as your cover photo on Facebook and start taking USB sticks to gigs. Remember, you are "keeping up with the times" and "finding ways to take your tracks to another level".

3. Requests:
Be absoultely outraged when someone requests a song. One of the best and quickest ways to show off your musical superiority and intellect as a DJ is to laugh at their choice. Be sure to Tweet about it when it happens.

4. Travel:
You will do a lot of travelling as a DJ so tell everyone every time you go anywhere. Then, no matter where or how you are traveling, find a fault. See picture above for tips.

5. Backstage:
Never have fun backstage. Enjoying such things will make you look amateur. However, you do need people to know you are there so write "backstage smells weird" or "so many douchebags backstage tonight".

5. Finally:
If there are any venue managers still unconvinced that you are a DJ, try the following:
1. Invite everyone for a lock-in.
2. Break the venue's needles.
3. Leave some CDs by the booth.
4. Spill a drink on the decks.

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